Why Choose Bitselly as a Trading Partner?

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Bitselly is your trusted new generation cryptocurrency Partner. We provide you the most convenient and the most secure cryptocurrency exchange platform.

It is in most intuitive, intelligent and advanced exchanging platform with loaded features to provide you the maximum safety while maintaining the ease and convenience. Bitselly has that much of capability to maintain that for everyone.

The Bitselly

How it works?

OryxCoin is the fee coin in Bitselly

Users have the benefits of discounted trading fees if you hold OryxCoins in your wallet. Using OryxCoin for transaction fees applies a 50% discount to your trading fees which shall be deducted from you OryxCoin balances automatically.

If you wish to list a coin / token in Bitselly, kindly refer to List a Coin process. Listing fees paid in OryxCoin shall have preferential rates on listing fees.


Bitselly is part of
EST Group of Companies
– EST BITEX OU, Estonia (registry code 14605899)

Bitselly is licensed to operate Financial services, Providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency; Providing a virtual currency wallet service.


Est Pay

Revolutionized mobile banking solution. Borderless banking, effortless account opening and transfer money in multiple currencies anywhere with a touch of a button using estpay app.

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OryxCoin is a non-monetary store of value that is processed via POS Blockchain algorithm with masternode and Staking rewards.

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Futuristic Fintech Banking EST leading ways to by creating Digital security tokenisation platform to move conventional securities into a blockchain.

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KYC & AML Integration

An EST partnership where by all you digital identity is safely and in secured way stored in blockchain whereby individuals retain full ownership over their identity.

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Liquidity Providers

Blockfills is the first electronic, off exchange, digital liquidity provider operating using an electronic communication network model (“ECN”) while providing aggressive streaming liquidity aggregation solutions, some of the deepest liquidity in world and cutting edge technologies to deploy its liquidity.

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Threely Wallet

ProjectThreely drastically bridges the gap between blockchain & it's adopters by providing an identifier to blockchain wallet address which makes interacting with them extremely convenient & fluent.

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Growth Plan

Your bussinesses grow with our platforms and best services to Implement your growth plans.


Secure & Safe

Our Transactions are our priority while safety & security of your transactions is our PROMISE.



We honor your anonymity and pledge to maintain It across our platforms.


Exchange Tools

We offer you the best exchange tools for enhancing your experience and convenience in trading.


Awarded Reseller

Our Experience in the trade and its technology makes us a trusted and renowned reseller that you can rely on.


Great Earnings

Our Exchange platforms & secure networks give you ample opportunities to enhance your earnings manifolds.


Bitselly Wallet

Start Buying and Selling Instantly


Bitselly Secure Payments

Withrawal Securely to Your Wallet


Advanced Monitoring

Easily Monitor Your Order Progress


Trading & Listing Fees

By default, if you hold ORYX in your account, your trading fees will be automatically subtracted from your ORYX balance.

Using ORYX for transaction fees applies a 50% discount to your trading fee. Further using OryxCoin for listing shall be applicable for a discount.