Bitselly Legal Inforamtion

Bitselly (hereinafter "The Platform Technology" or "Bitselly") provides access to cryptocurrency exchange platform technology under the registered trademark "Bitselly" (domain name:
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Any Individual “users” opening an account with Bitselly need to understand and duly accept that crypto assets do not enjoy any specific form of protection or regulations made by any government or statutory bodies. Individual “users” should further understand that the valuation of crypto assets is highly volatile and is open to speculations. Therefore, there is always a possibility of a total loss.

Bitselly acts merely as an intermediary platform assigned with the task of bringing the buyer and the seller on one common platform.

Therefore, Bitselly would not necessarily be responsible for any error, failure, misrepresentations, or mistakes. Such errors, failure, misrepresentations, or mistakes can at times be a result of a program error, process imperfection, or a result of a human agency, and other such technical and technological issues in the system. However, Bitselly would not be responsible for such error, failure, misrepresentations, or mistakes, though such errors can cause limitless damages.

Neither Bitselly nor any of our respective Directors, Officers, Employees, Agents and Outsourced Advisors, wherever applicable, would essentially make any representation, warranty or guarantee whatsoever concerning the information and, in particular, to the accuracy or completeness of the information and processes.

Bitselly is further not responsible for any loss of money, assets, securities and any other types of property due to any information provided by Bitselly or for that matter, for the simple reason of trading on Bitselly’s platform.

No Trade Agreement or Contract is created between Bitselly and users of Bitselly’s platform. Both Bitselly and the users of Bitselly act independently and do not form any form of an arrangement including partnership, joint venture, agency, franchise, sales representation, or secondment relationship with each other.

Using Bitselly consistently and continuously, you indemnify and consider Bitselly; It’s Owners, Officers, and Respective Directors harmless and not responsible for any claims, actions, demands, costs, and expenses which may arise during the process of using Bitselly in relation to and/or as a result of your use of Bitselly.

According to Clause 2.2(g) of Bitselly’s Terms of Service, any user who is a resident or becomes the resident of a state or region where Bitselly is not authorized to act and provide its services, immediately needs to cease using Bitselly’s services. To make things more simple and avoiding any confusion, following Japan Payment Services Act, Bitselly has currently and temporarily suspended the virtual (crypto) currency exchange services for the residents of Japan. In case, the Bitselly systems and technology tracks the IP address of any user to Japan; then the user needs to confirm that he/she is not a citizen of Japan and complete the KYC procedures on Bitselly to prove their residency status. In case, any user who is not a resident of Japan is interested in opening a verified PRO account at Bitselly, he/she can easily do this with help from Sequant Capital Limited, a broker company regulated by FCA.

Bitselly Your most trusted Cryptocurrency trading partner accepts deposits and allows withdrawals in any form of Cryptocurrency. However, Bitselly reserves the right to reject any particular deposit and suspend any particular withdrawal, in case the risk management and compliance service teams find such deposits or withdrawals a result of any suspicious activity including a criminal offense or any other infringement of any of Bitselly’s guidelines related to Compliance.